I am an Activator, Achiever, and Futuristic with self-teaching experience who understands the importance of clean code. I started my career with a start-up as Java developer where I was responsible for Web Development, In 2012 I grabbed the opportunity to develop the first mobile app without having any experience.

I developed few apps for Nokia Symbian, Android SDK, Windows SDK and finally moving to iOS SDK with Xcode 3.2 also developed few end to end Products using backend technologies like J2EE, MySQL, and Tomcat.

Today I am a Full Stack Mobile Application Developer with 7+ years of experience in Product and Enterprise Mobility with an understanding of primarily iOS SDK, web technologies J2EE and secondarily Android/Window/Blackberry phone development and successfully published 40+ iOS App on App Store. Involved in design, planning and implementing mobile and web applications with the ability to meet the commitments on time with high-quality clean code. 



  • 2016 : Scrum Trained Professional
  • 2017 : @AppsBotsnMore event – Shooting Range Simulation-Defense has been identified as one of the Most Popular Ideas on the event forum. Your idea attracted a high number of votes, likes and comments from our community. Additionally, our judges were impressed by the quality and relevance of your submission. Congratulations on winning this award!! Global Mobile Apps.
  • 2017 : Bunty has proactively picked up multiple Crowd Expert Jobs for Swift Cartridge and helped us ensure that the expert reviews are conducted on time.
  • 2018 : Recognised for getting P3-ADVANCED proficiency in the Swift myCompetency Assessments.
  • 2019 : Recognised for getting P4-EXPERT proficiency in the Swift myCompetency Assessments.
  • 2019 : Recognised for getting P3-ADVANCED proficiency in the Java myCompetency Assessments.
  • 2019 : Winning the ‘Fastest Finger’ quiz.
  • 2020 : Accenture SG Hackathon, Most interesting idea.

What People Say

Bunty is an expert is solving autolayout & ios advanced concepts. This is just to recognize his p

Mohan Ramasamy, AM @ Accenture.

Thank you Bunty, for stepping in to enable a very critical delivery which needed a sharp and active mind to stitch in all the various pieces together and prepare a robust solution. You have helped the delivery of the project even after tiring yourself out with one of your own project’s deliveries the same evening. It feels great to have an enthusiast like you around.

Gaurav Dattagupta, AM @ Accenture.

Thank you Bunty, for being always ready to help whenever we approached you for a solution. You have been extremely supportive in lending your helping hand beyond your usual timings, and also your defined responsibilities. Hope you continue to create trust based relationship with this great attitude. Go on to become a wonder entrepreneur.

Gaurav Dattagupta, AM @ Accenture.

I would also like to commend Bunty for his strong technical skills and enthusiasm in this project. He has been proactive since he joined the team, exhibited his strong and neat coding practices, and assisted me in resolving numerous issues in the iOS version of SPM. When time is not on my side, he has consistently been instrumental in looking into issues together and coming up with quick resolutions.

Melvin Tan, Senior Manager.

Bunty has been proactively helping on test flight builds for Rubiks apart from his client work. He has been flexible and helped anytime of day and night. He has been also involved in helping the TPL activities earlier for creating a Questionnaire website for swift evaluations.

Joel Kore, Manager @ Accenture.

His technical capability is most commendable, evident from his lead and efforts in the migration of codebase from Objective-C to Swift last year, the design and re-architecting of the solutions, to recommending best practices in his team of iOS developers. He is always swift and nimble in his development, while observing neat coding practices in-line with latest industry standards and trends.

Melvin Tan, Senior Manager.

Let’s build something together.