Make greatest impact for yourself ?

Introduce priorities, they are areas of focus where you make the greatest impact to achieve your best. Priorities will help you to focus on what is more important, how to organize and where to spend the energy.

Priorities are anything that you needs to be top of mind, they are dynamic means you are adding something, checking progress and then adjusting them.

So define what exactly we want to do, make a list and start working on it. Few things that really matter.

  1. Do what you can with what you have.
  2. Small things matter
  3. Something amazing
  4. Fight for someone rights
  5. Patience and go to the distance

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Focus on yourself | Quick Note

What will happen when we think about what is right with the people rather than what wrong with them?

There is three principal of strength-based development.

  1. The way in which you naturally think, behave or feel show your power and the potential.
  2.  Become the best, increase your understanding of your potential so you can develop.
  3.  Maximum productivity, gain by focusing on your potential and managing your weaknesses.

Exercise is write down “I use my strength every day” once with your dominant hand and then with the nondominant hand.

Completed ? now realize how did it feel? how much longer was it? Although you were able to complete but, it was a struggle.

There is a book called, The Clifton Strength Finder. A 30-minute survey that will identify your talents and find a common language to use and to support your strength-based approach.

Talk About it -> Name it -> Claim it -> Aim it.