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Working on Cocoa/Objective-C and Java through passionate self-teaching and experience with a very large and professional project, merely because I loved developing on this platform; Now with the emergence of iOS, I’ve been lucky enough to also earn a living with this skill.My experience working on this platform makes for a rich understanding of framework conventions, best practices, memory management, and development tools. I’m passionate about quality and maintainability when it comes to code and application architecture.

My true strength and passion is developing iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and Java Based applications using Cocoa Objective-C and Java. I have almost a 2+ years worth of experience with this platform. Strict practitioner of Cocoa coding conventions and style. Complete comprehension of memory management in Objective-C. Use of Xcode with very complex projects. As i Started work with Xcode 3.1 then till Now Xcode 5.Extensive knowledge of C. and lower-level programming aspects such as machine structure, linking, and loading. Object Oriented Design Patterns and how to apply them to Objective-C.

I’m strong with overall application architecture design with Server Side Integration, in my opinion one of the least taught and most important aspects of engineering great software. I’m also good at finding and fixing crashing bugs.The importance of readable code, by using clear, explicit method and variable names and effective commenting. How to design cohesive objects, incorporate abstractions, and rely on encapsulation to isolate and guard against change. Daily interaction with version control software. (Git) Web standards, including XHTML and CSS.I also to fun with Photoshop and do all of only my own design work. I’m as much a funny designer as I am developer.

Professional Experience

Application Development Team Lead / Specialist | Bengaluru Area, India

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor in Computer Science | Diploma in Engineering

Technical Skills

Operating Systems : Windows, Macintosh Computers (OS X), Linux (Ubuntu)

Mobile OS :  iOS, Android, Blackberry, J2ME, Window 8

Languages : Swift, Objective C, Java, Java Script, C, SQL

Development EnvironmentXcode 8/7/6/5/4/3, Eclipse, Netbeans, MySQL Workbench

Databases : MySQL, Core Data, Sqlite

Servers : Apache Tomcat Server, Glass-fish

Services & Backend : Parse, APIGEE, SalesForce, SharePoint, MBaasS

Trainings & Conferences:

21 Jan 2017: Swift Meetup @ IBM Bangalore.

07 Jan 2017: Software Architects Bangalore.

01 Oct 2016: Google Developer Conferences, Google HYD.

Personal Information:

Languages Known: English, Hindi and Punjabi.

Hobbies: The more you do the more you can do!!! Love to do everything.

Declaration :

I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.