The High 5 habit book summary

This book helps you to understand that

  • why changing your mindset is like doing the laundry work.
  • how the high fives can change the structure of your brain.

How do you feel what you wake up? most of us feels like crawl back beneath the covers for a few more hours of rest.

What if there is a way to change that? let’s learn how to harness the power of the High 5 Habit.

Do you have those morning minutes when you criticise yourself and find fault with you body? If yes let’s start the day by High-fiving your reflection, when you look into the mirror tomorrow morning, you will face a choice. Either spend time mulling over your failing or take a minute to congratulate yourself.

Some scientific reasons; when you high-five yourself in the mirror, your brain understands that something exciting is there and it starts paying the attention.

Another point to highlight, brain also has a filter – Reticular Activating System (RAS) which filters the information the brain processes, to make sure only relevant data reaches the level of conscious thought.

So what is the lint that’s blocking your RAS? it’s the self-limiting thoughts.
Rejection, setback or some insult – all can get trapped here which leads mind to focus on negative information while disregarding the positive. High 5 technique we can use to make the RAS work in our favour.

Key message: Interrupt your thoughts, use a mantra and act like the person you want to become.

There are three key steps in training your RAS to see the world differently

  • Interrupt your old thinking process; take a pause and ask yourself; “wait, I am not thinking about it”
  • Mantra; Choose something that you think is both encouraging and accurate, like “”

    “A mantra is not something that you utter. It is something that you strive to become because unless you become the key, existence will not open up for you. Becoming the mantra means you are becoming the key.” – Sadhguru

    Benefits of Chanting Mantras and the Science Behind It
  • Finally act like a person you want to become;

Thanks for reading!

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