Don’t be foolish | Mind Manipulation

Manipulating others is a best way to get what you want from others, but do you know people around you tricking some techniques to make you fool, and getting what they want from you.

First let’s talk about what is the mind manipulation, when it comes to decision making we have 2 systems in our brain. System 1 operates automatically and quickly, with little or no effort. System 2 allocates attention to the effortful mental model. People are using few hacks to not to allow us to use System 2 where we don’t think much and do what they want us to do.

The Halo Effect, A type of cognitive bias in which our overall impression of a person influences how we feel about their character. It’s also called “physical attractiveness stereotype” or “what is beautiful is also the best” principle. 

When we like someone we just ignore their bad quality and always appreciate them. If they make some mistake we always say, ah that fine, we all are human we make mistakes. we always follow their advice, without giving a single thought. At the workplace, bosses may rate the employees on the perception of a single characteristic rather than the whole of their performance and contribution.

You will notice this trick is used by politicians, celebrities where they have huge PR team to refine their image, so that you will feel attraction towards them.

Priming, Let’s start with an example first, If i expose a word to you “YELLOW” it will evoke a faster response to the word “BANANA” if you like fruits or “SCOOT” if you air travel a lot. If I write APPLE and ask you to fill in the gap GR_ _ _. most of the us will say GRAPE.

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This is the technique used for marketing to sell the product. You can hit Google and see there are thousands of studies on Priming, one of them which i like a lot is Music and Wine testing (Significant associations between the musical stimulus genre and participant change in wine selection).

The Hindsight Bias, Focus on the cartoon for 10 seconds and see you do you think about it.

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Tendency to look back at an unpredictable event and think it was easily predictable, I knew it is going to happen, i knew Trump is going to win the US elections. Nope you knows nothing, we all have people around us like this. You are trying to be an expert of something that has happened already, it can case distortions of our memories of what we knew or believed before an event occurred, also don’t trust people like this.

Thanks for reading it.

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