Building A Second Brain | Note


Over the weekend I was watching Ali on his YouTube channel where he talked about Building A Second Brain, a world-class idea management system. So here is my short note on it.

What’s that?

A methodology for saving and reminding ideas, inspirations, notes, and connections that we have gained through our experience. Idea is to offload our thinking and free our biological brain to imagine, need not keep track every detail just move on confidently.

What will be the benefits?

  1. Work in a result-oriented way.
  2. Connect the dots between ideas.
  3. No information overload, no stress at all.
  4. Cultivate a collection of knowledge.

How to do it?

Part 1: Remember

Whenever we capture something we email ourselves a quick note, a word document or write a sticky note but then we don’t do anything.

So rule number one is to keep it in a single, centralized place such a digital note-taking app & capture the information by following three guidelines.

  1. Think like a curator.
  2. Organize your content by the project.
  3. Keep only what resonates.

Part 2: Connect

Once you start collecting the information, you’ll start noticing the connections. Summarise and distill your notes into actionable by following three guidelines.

  1. Design notes for your future self
  2. Summarise progressively with levels of detail
  3. Organize opportunistically

Part 3: Create

All of this capturing, summarising has one ultimate purpose, Create tangible results in the real world, With this, you always have something to inspire you, support you, guide you and remind you again and again whenever you need it.

Three guidelines will help you to create a better and meaningful.

  1. Don’t just consume information passively – Put it in use.
  2. Start small and make it reusable.
  3. Share your work with the world.


Each note in your second brain is a record of something that you’ve earned in your life, when you start offloading your biological brain you feel easy and you enjoy each and every moment of your life. Your mind will start to work differently it just takes the action.

Building A Second Brain is an integrated set of behavior for turning incoming information into projects (where you put everything is on place, plan accordingly and make use of it fully whenever needed).

Thanks for reading this. ✌️

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