.map VS for loop Performance Test in Swift 3 | iOS

I was very curious to see how map performed against a traditional way for loop so I decided to run a sample code. One class with two different methods operating the same thing one using for loop and another using map.

import Foundation

//Random Array
var array = [Int].init(repeating: 1, count:3000)

//Operation class
class Operation {

    static func testForIn() -> [Int] {
        var newArr : [Int] = []
        for value in array {
            newArr.append(value * 2)
        return newArr

    static func testInMap() -> [Int] {
        return array.map({ (value) in
            value * 2

let start1 = Date()
let start2 = Date()
let start3 = Date()


And response we really amazing.
For loop case it takes


And for .map it takes


Thank you for reading this, pleaes do share and comment if you have anything.

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